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Fountains of Innovation

Now this I like: a Zurich street-side drinking fountain with a built-in bowl at the bottom for dogs. Or crawling babies. Or people struggling home after a serious night out. You can have a quiet sit down or use the bench as a step if you’re small. You don’t even have to turn it on. This is a drinking fountain with everything. Continue reading


Petals and Bubbles

Both at their best when encountered from the bath.

In the conservatory in the palace grounds at Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart, Germany.

Not Drinking But Reading

I’m not, by any measure, a beer person so why spend ten minutes in the beer section in the Stratford Garden Centre near Warwick? Because of the names. Check them out. Continue reading

Wine & Oil Tasting (and Smelling)

It seems the entire Brescia region is dense with wineries offering tastings, including one we chanced upon more by smell than anything else, near the base of the road to Rocca del Garda in the town of Manerba. It wasn’t the wine so much as the cows. In a tiny and odoriferous plot a tiny, grinning 79 year old man makes cheese, olive oil and wine. As if that is not enough, he also cooks in his own restaurant 30m down the road. He recently had to let an 18 year-old hired hand go – she couldn’t keep up with him. Continue reading

Glass Cork

I was delighted to open a bottle of French red recently and find that the cork was made from glass. So sweet.

It’s only a viable substitute for those Australian outbackers who hang corks from their hats to keep away the flies if they also don a pair of plastic goggles as protection against the shards of flying glass. Still, it’d knock the biggest marchie (march fly) for six.

I was wondering what you call one of these things. It’s not really ‘a cork’ and ‘a glass’ is already taken. ‘Glass wine stopper’ does not encompass its felicity. Ideas?

Then I started thinking about things that are named after the substance they are made from eg a glass, a cork, a rubber (eraser), a tin. ‘A paper’ just belongs even though it is a number of pieces of paper. (Sesame Street here we come). Things like ‘china’ and ‘silver’ don’t because they must be prefaced with ‘the’. Any others you can add to the list?