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Finding Yourself A Favourite

I’ve found my new favourite animal.

Who would not be mesmerized by those lacy driftings? They are a meditation. Continue reading

I’ve Seen ‘Em, Now I’m in One

Diners. To my Australian eyes, they are quintessentially American. I cringe in anticipation when the protagonist in a sitcom or movie takes a seat in a diner. Along comes the sassy yet compassionate waitress and takes the order for a plate of fat and/or refined carbohydrate with some liquid sugar in a glass.

And now I get the chance to do the same. Continue reading

Alcatraz: Our Mirror

Alcatraz was a factory – three storeys of cells for reprogramming criminals.

Alcatraz cells

But it wasn’t always so. Continue reading


Last night as I sat in bed, I held 2013 in my hands. It was a sphere, thrumming with promise. It felt familiar, akin to my days contemplated most mornings between dreaming and waking. We have so many beginnings.


I used not to bother making anything of the yearly changeover but I increasingly see it as an opportunity (albeit a randomly human-assigned one) for reflection, a hinge between times that invites a pause. Continue reading