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The Elephant In the Room

Everyone’s talking about, and photographing, the elephant in the room.

elephant, National Museum of  Natural History, Smithsonian

There’s nothing like a stroll through the savannah, I always say. Those endless vistas, that wide open space, not a building for miles… Continue reading

Porridge, Honoured Guest

Mr Chief Justice Porridge pauses before his entrance to the Whitehouse.

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Washington Where

Washington, where Lincoln contemplates in a Greek-inspired temple. The throng inside does not impinge on the feeling of sacredness engendered by the dim light; the inscriptions of his speeches; his giant, raised presence and the viewer’s knowledge of his deeds. He gazes over the splendid WWII memorial – all water and stone and silent names and frolicking Americans – towards Washington Monument and the Capitol. With his white and shade and flowing marble, one can’t help but experience him as a deity. Continue reading