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Footpath Funk

Pavement percussion on plastic buckets and a shopping trolley. It doesn’t get more “reuse, reduce, recycle” than that.

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.


I’ve Seen ‘Em, Now I’m in One

Diners. To my Australian eyes, they are quintessentially American. I cringe in anticipation when the protagonist in a sitcom or movie takes a seat in a diner. Along comes the sassy yet compassionate waitress and takes the order for a plate of fat and/or refined carbohydrate with some liquid sugar in a glass.

And now I get the chance to do the same. Continue reading

Treasures From the Bay

Nothing says, “You are entering the realm of storybook, drama and quirkiness” so much as a sign like this:

San Francisco bridge

San Francisco, if not a treasure island, is a treasure trove. Continue reading

With Flowers In My Hair

I’m going to America – San Francisco (theme tune playing repeatedly in my head).

I’ve never been there but I’ve seen it many times. I’ve soared over the high-rise canyons of New York in movies. I’ve tended stock on the prairies with Celia. I’ve wandered the roadsides, learning about native flowers with Steven and seen America from many different perspectives through the lenses of Rona Black and other talented photographers. One of my favourite views is the one Javier Acosta shared with me on Photobotos looking over the bridge. And Frank keeps me abreast of both ends of the lunacy spectrum with the latest in American politics and the American cartoon characters I missed as a rural child in Australia. Continue reading