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Trucking Tidbits

I was tickled by the personal nature and encouraging tone of this sign and others in the series down the hill towards Denver. It was just missing a “Well done. You’ve made it” at the bottom. Who says the Colorado Department of Transportation is an uncaring bureaucracy?


And on the subject of trucks…get a load of this. It looks like a postman’s motorbike with bulging panniers or a bee with pollen-laden sacks.


Oh, And These…

Yesterday was sunny again. All the usual vehicular suspects were out and so were these.

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Is It A Bullet…?

Is it a plane? Is it a banana-flavoured … er … anything?

(Please note, this man is under heavy disguise to protect his true identity.)

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You Could Almost Live In It

Not a tiny cottage or shop but a bus shelter in Goathland, also known as Aidensfield from Heartbeat.