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Oats and Notes

Feeling a tad Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary-ish, The Right Honourable Porridge casts a commanding flake over the valley from the pinnacle of his hike from Bergun, Switzerland.

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Flap Follows Famous Finger

With no regard for his own safety, and ever the unassuming hero, Burgomaster Porridge places his flap in a dike in Holland.

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Bizarre Tzar

(Actually, he’s not bizarre. I just like the letter Z.)

The royal carpenters were no doubt aware of Tzar Porridge’s reputation and made a throne to fit their expectations.


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When the Saints Go Marching In

Word is that St Basil was the only person to whom Ivan the Terrible would listen. St Porridge is familiar with that situation. After a heavy schedule of talks at the Kremlin, he spent some time communing with the earthly representation of his departed friend on the Red Square.

Porridge Reaches New Heights

Poised on a precipice at the Joch Pass, Switzerland, Abbot Porridge is as unphased as ever.

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Ride ‘Em, Porridge

Mayor Porridge finds the docile bovine as appealing as the next cereal but, sometimes, one needs a little thrill.

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In Which The Baron von P. Makes a Chum

Since the Baron von Porridge’s parting with Ms Rekorderlig, Swedish sweetie, on English soil, he has been without a companion. But things changed on the glistening expanses of the Jungfraujoch. He made (quite literally) another friend.

Sharing a sense of fun as well as a general method of mobility, they frolicked in the snow for minutes, thoughts of the inevitable departure pushed to the backs of their minds. Sadly, Herr Snow’s health suffers gravely at lower altitudes so he could not accompany the B.v. back to the lowlands. He will be remembered as (another) cold friend with a warm heart.