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Flamenco on the Roof

Last night I saw live flamenco.

Almost unknowingly, I have carried it with me since my childhood in rural Australia.

My grandmother returned from an overseas trip with a gift from Spain – an ersatz tortoise-shell comb to add drama to one’s hair. It features a delicate painting of a pair of flamenco dancers. Their tiny, slender bodies emanate grace and drama. (As a child I couldn’t see the passion.) Continue reading


Cornflower Blue

The sky possibly was ‘cornflower blue’ on our final day in the Pyrenees.

I have read the phrase often in novels (usually heralding happy fortune for the protagonist), but had taken it as poetic licence.

The heroes and heroines carry on oblivious but, in real life, sky of that colour is literally mesmerising.

Taking the Waters

My Catalan cousin-in-law told me I must ‘take the waters’ whilst in Caldes de Boi. When on childhood holidays, her mother made her and her siblings do so. I thought, ‘How lovely of her, taking care of my health and helping me get the maximum from my stay.’  Continue reading

Spanish Breakfast

Slices of bread for toast (Let’s start easy)   Continue reading

If Only I Felt Like Being Covered In Chocolate

Oh, that’s right – I did. And I was.

I had had a guided tour of the Caldes de Boi centre and was pondering the extensive menu of health- and beauty-enhancing treatments available. The moment of choice was upon me. Continue reading

Catalan Culture

I really like old churches: the musty smell that entwines you as you step in the door; the feast of art – statues, windows, frescoes, paintings; the furniture – decorative fonts, austere pews; little elevated preaching places like children’s castle turrets; the story-telling architecture; the soaring ceilings; the building materials themselves; the steps, worn to bowls in the centre, with the passing of masses of feet. I enjoy wandering the church yards with their lichened grave stones, grasses and blooms. As previously mentioned, Australia has a penchant for destroying old buildings so I am thankful to be in a place where humans have preserved something beautiful and meaningful. Continue reading

Spanish Footpath

Adding a bit of fun to the footpath and art (albiet mass-produced) to the day. Thumbs up. Continue reading