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Porridge in the Pale Mountains

Signor Porridge is giddy with excitement.

flower with whirling background

So much so that he barely knows what’s up and what’s down.

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Bizarre Tzar

(Actually, he’s not bizarre. I just like the letter Z.)

The royal carpenters were no doubt aware of Tzar Porridge’s reputation and made a throne to fit their expectations.


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In Which The Baron von P. Makes a Chum

Since the Baron von Porridge’s parting with Ms Rekorderlig, Swedish sweetie, on English soil, he has been without a companion. But things changed on the glistening expanses of the Jungfraujoch. He made (quite literally) another friend.

Sharing a sense of fun as well as a general method of mobility, they frolicked in the snow for minutes, thoughts of the inevitable departure pushed to the backs of their minds. Sadly, Herr Snow’s health suffers gravely at lower altitudes so he could not accompany the B.v. back to the lowlands. He will be remembered as (another) cold friend with a warm heart.