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The Transformative Power of Minerals

Aquamarine, surely one of the most evocative of all gems - it's like water, like silk, like the play of a child.

Aquamarine – surely one of the most evocative gems. It’s like water, like silk, like the play of a child.

The National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The gems and minerals gallery holds examples of ‘the biggest in the world’, ‘the best cut in the world’, ‘the least flawed’ or ‘only flawless’ etc. Continue reading

The Elephant In the Room

Everyone’s talking about, and photographing, the elephant in the room.

elephant, National Museum of  Natural History, Smithsonian

There’s nothing like a stroll through the savannah, I always say. Those endless vistas, that wide open space, not a building for miles… Continue reading

Wandering Warwickshire

Standing beneath the skeleton of an ancient deer which is positioned as if gazing out of the window of the modern interior of a Warwick museum, I felt oddly out of perspective in both time and physical dimension – like Alice in Wonderland or something from a Magritte painting. Continue reading