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Memories, Attics, Books and Forests

I’m packing up the things in the attic, going through documents and files. I sort into ‘coming with me’ and ‘staying in storage’.

After a while the redistribution reveals an old writing folder. It is then I have to look at how I am sorting. What have I been doing?

The folder straddles the groups. I may not find any ideas in here that I want to work on but it may make interesting reading for it takes me on a path back to who I was. It is like wending through a forest then standing at the edge of a glade and peeping in upon my past self toiling and playing and dreaming and planning. To see oneself so far away is a curious thing. There were so many future selves and lives then. The gap between then and now is the path of the one I lived. Continue reading

The Great Sheepyards of Life

Sometimes you end up in places you didn’t expect.

You’re in the great sheepyards of life, ambling or trotting down the race (the chute) with your eye on the pen at the end – your destination. Suddenly the drafting gate swings across and you’re siphoned off into a side pen you didn’t even know was there or that you thought did not apply to you. Continue reading

Channelling Your Inner Bergun

As one wanders around Bergun, Switzerland, one asks oneself, ‘Could I do that?

‘Could I transform my house into a creation, a work of art, a pleasure and inspiration to me and those who see it? Could I show my aspirations, my heritage, my values – cryptically or with clarity – on my abode?’ Continue reading