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Now, This I Like

It’s got everything – quirkiness, recycling, reference to a disappearing culture.

And it’s more fun than a camper van.

Ah, life on the open road…

Camping on the Camargue

Running parallel to the beach a large carpark displays a ‘no camping’ sign. The area is filled (and when I say ‘filled’, I mean cheek by jowl, chock a block) with camper vans (and when I say ‘camper vans’ I mean rectangular blocks of homes on wheels fitted with satellite dishes, washing lines and patios. I would not have been surprised to see raised garden beds and a tennis court). Continue reading

Of Metaphorical Floors and Furniture

I have a whole free day and a small apartment. Magical ingredients.

So what will my day be? How will I feel about it from under the duna tonight?

This day, this life, is exactly like the time I sanded and polished the wooden floors of my little wooden house in the forest. Continue reading