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Grand Personnage

The resemblance is nothing if not uncanny.

At a Cow, Darkly

The HundKatzMaus (DogCatMouse) exhibition in the Kunsthaus, Zurich, from 1st April to 31st July 2011 displayed art works not only of those animals. There were other mammals, as well as birds and fish.

By Giacometti. In the Kunsthaus but not the exhibition

The pink shell lady was there with that most verbal of creatures, the ‘fluffy white’, known to dog beach goers as the ‘pipecleaner’ or ‘little yapper’. It was mercifully quiet – as one would expect from something made of shells. Continue reading

Vincent in Australia in France

Driving south from Valence to Orange, in Provence, I felt decidedly at home. Vast areas of trees had morphed into shrubs; I saw my first dead grass in Europe; the vegetation had taken on a sage tinge; it was 34 degrees and the chocolate in my handbag was limp. Continue reading

Do I Have a Piece of Art in the Kunsthaus?

Despite the fact that Rodin’s Gates of Hell give onto a wall outside the Kunsthaus Museum in Zurich, they are an impressive welcome to an impressive gallery.

My three day Zurich card (40 CHF) with free travel within prescribed zones, also provides free access to a number of museums, including the big K so I ‘saved’ the 18 CHF admission. I was pretty excited as I strapped on my audio set (included in the admission price) and set off up the stairs to the Swiss late medieval gallery. Continue reading