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In Which The Baron von P. Makes a Chum

Since the Baron von Porridge’s parting with Ms Rekorderlig, Swedish sweetie, on English soil, he has been without a companion. But things changed on the glistening expanses of the Jungfraujoch. He made (quite literally) another friend.

Sharing a sense of fun as well as a general method of mobility, they frolicked in the snow for minutes, thoughts of the inevitable departure pushed to the backs of their minds. Sadly, Herr Snow’s health suffers gravely at lower altitudes so he could not accompany the B.v. back to the lowlands. He will be remembered as (another) cold friend with a warm heart.

Porridge: O(rganic) A(rtistic) T(alented) S(kier)

It was the Baron von Porridge’s maiden voyage on skis and look at him! It is fair to say his performance was stellar. He was the epitome of balance, poise and verve. No quaking here.

He rode the slopes as though born to ski, glorying in the freedom of unfettered descent.

Wearing his waterproof suit, he felt nigh on invincible but rescue workers were stationed at intervals – the baron has more at stake than most in the event of a spill.

Conveying Porridge

The Swiss sun was doing what we all long to do: shining mightily and affectionately upon our little friend, Baron von Porridge. Here he is conveyed in the family carriage up to the Jungfraujoch, Switzerland.

To help maintain the impression of composure, he chose one of the uphill seats which reclines more than the downhill one to which it is attached. Beneath his calm exterior, the Baron von P was fearfully excited at what lay ahead for him – his first encounter with snow. (Stay tuned).

Hanging Out in a Rabbit Warren at 3500 Metres

The Jungfraujoch brochure is entitled Between Heaven and Earth. That sums it up pretty well. It’s vast and glorious and high. I felt I was soaring amongst the mountains and glaciers.

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