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Sir Porridge’s Epic Journey…Day One

His journey began on the eastern seaboard.

Mid-morning at Coogee Beach, Sydney.

Not a swimmer himself, owing to certain properties he attains in water, he nevertheless enjoys observing the pleasure derived by others near and in this medium. Continue reading

Sir Porridge’s Epic Journey Across the Multi-coloured Lumpy Bit and Instep of Australia

Much is made of the red heart of Australia but beneath it, lying against the wild and reckless Southern Ocean, is what Sir Porridge, AK (Knight of the Order of Australia – no longer conferred), refers to as the brown and sometimes grey instep. East of that is a big lumpy bit that contains a lot of Very Important Cities which spend considerable energy vying for ‘head-importantness’. Notwithstanding the fact that Canberra is the capital, Sydney and Melbourne are historically the leaders in this competition. Perth, a large country town by comparison, is marooned on the west coast – alone and almost forgotten.

These things do not concern Sir Porridge, AK.

Soon he leaves for parts greener (England) and sought a journey to shore up images and immerse himself in the land he loves.

This is his story from east to west against impossible odds.

Glitter and Grit

Christmas flounces through the streets and shops of San Francisco.

Trees abound, indoors and out.

Union Square Christmas tree

Companies supporting Project Open Hand let their inner Hansel and Gretel wicked witch run wild with gingerbread houses in The Palace Hotel. Continue reading

Grand Personnage

The resemblance is nothing if not uncanny.

Porridge: The Secret of Renewal

Many seek the counsel of such a one as Büäzer Porridge. (The word ‘sage’ is often heard whispered by them in reverent tones.) In this, his duty is also his deep pleasure.

But what is the secret to such wisdom coupled with an almost child-like appreciation and joy of life and its complexities?

Bergun, Switzerland


Sought by all in his regular life, from notables (privacy diligently guarded; sorry, no name-dropping here) to Jane and Joe Citizen, once on retreat, Herr Porridge lives sparsely, surrounded by nature. Mentally sustained by his rich inner life, he returns to the world tingling in every (soluble) fibre of his being.


Readers, we had a lucky escape.
On the top of Piz Trovat stands this:

As you can tell, it is a potential hermitage, the perfect size for our beloved Herr Porridge. He is, as you know, something of a cosmopolitan but he does not eschew solitude. He loves the mountains and this view across the snow may have been enough to lure him from us. Continue reading

Oats and Notes

Feeling a tad Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary-ish, The Right Honourable Porridge casts a commanding flake over the valley from the pinnacle of his hike from Bergun, Switzerland.

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