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Wandering Warwickshire

Standing beneath the skeleton of an ancient deer which is positioned as if gazing out of the window of the modern interior of a Warwick museum, I felt oddly out of perspective in both time and physical dimension – like Alice in Wonderland or something from a Magritte painting. Continue reading


Houses of Old Cardigans and Lego

Warning: This post contains gross generalizations

Rural architecture in Switzerland and France. It’s like comparing children’s toy houses built out of lego in the conservatory, with those constructed yesterday in the sandpit using a few twigs for support.

It’s hard to say which is more appealing: Continue reading

Isola del Garda

This lovely island, the largest in Lago di Garda, seems to hover above the lake. It happens a lot around water in Europe I’ve noticed. In pictures of tropical islands, land slopes gradually and vegetation maintains a respectful distance so that land and water are seen merging. Here, land skims the surface darkly, plants and water each daring the other to rise or sink, to transcend natural boundaries; forces in companionable opposition. Continue reading