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The Kremlin, Dominion of Domes

I am besotted with the domed roofs of the Moscow Kremlin. Fair warning. I have tried to keep them to a manageable number in this post but I can’t help but think you’ll love them too and either forgive their frequent appearances or be hankering for more.

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Feel the Ferrata Fear

Overcoming fear. There’s a lot written about that. My bookshelf sports “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”. The trouble with feeling the fear on a via ferrata or rock climb or bungee jump is that it can simply immobilise you if you allow yourself to really experience it.

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And the Second Little Pig Built a House…

Schluchsee in the Black Forest.

Directions: The K4989 runs parallel to a road that hugs the south side (Seebrugg train station end) of the lake. Take this road and park in the designated area next to the road. Cross the causeway and turn right. The house is not far. Continue  for some lovely walks through the forest and alongside the lake.

Mountains High, Rivers Wide

I scan the landscape: in the foreground a harvested field studded by trees, a band of forest at mid-range, long blue hills interlacing like fingers into the distance. But, bizarrely, there is something beyond that, something which rises far higher in the sky than is natural. Where I anticipate the clear blue of the depths of the universe, ‘stuff’ looms, faint but imposing, stamped on a space which is normally free. Continue reading

It’s Not Just the Smell

Hay drenched in cattle urine and manure – that is one of the defining smells of the towns of southern Germany and I inhale it with gusto. This is most pleasurably done in the morning on the way to the bäckerei as wisps of steam twist from the piles into the crisp air. Continue reading

‘Tis the Season

I was a little taken aback by the offer of a guest bed in this establishment in southern Germany…

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Puffin Magic

Since giving one of my leaving-home children the excellent picture book “Puffling” by that hero of children’s literature, Margaret Wild, I have been enamoured of the birds. I became a little too attached to the idea of seeing them – not obsessed, just certain that my three months away would not be complete without it.

So, upon arriving in Flamborough, close to the cliffs of the North Sea, I was keen to get a start on the business of finding them. It was a bit of a haul to the cliffs. (Leave by the gate opposite the Rose and Crown then head diagonally towards the fields. Ooh, I do like using that word and, better still, ‘meadow’). On the way we passed a bizarre holiday area. I took heaps of photos to get a full bead on the situation. I don’t know if people want to be this close together or if they accept it because the situation has some of what they want eg beautiful scenery – for that one can put up with a lot. Continue reading