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The Elves and the Moccasins

Perhaps it began with The Elves and the Shoemaker (still one of my two favourite fairytales).

I’m no Imelda Marcos but when I was a child I did long for a pair of pointy red shoes. (I couldn’t believe my fortune when my cousin gave me her outgrown ones – the very pair that had seeded the yearning.)

When I was a teenager I made my own knee-high ugg boots. Mum sometimes tanned skins from our sheep and I snaffled a brown one of those. I bought leather thonging and spent evenings sewing by the fire. The boots were utilitarian rather than decorative and terrifically snugly. It didn’t bother me that they were not as tidy as other people’s store-bought ones.

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And the Second Little Pig Built a House…

Schluchsee in the Black Forest.

Directions: The K4989 runs parallel to a road that hugs the south side (Seebrugg train station end) of the lake. Take this road and park in the designated area next to the road. Cross the causeway and turn right. The house is not far. Continue  for some lovely walks through the forest and alongside the lake.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, By the Way

The ability to differentiate fantasy and reality depends to some extent upon our experience of the world. So, how do those masses of very young children assimilate the experience of being in the fairytale landscape at Ludwigsburg? Does the lack of a well-developed frame of reference about reality and fantasy lead them to later recall visiting these characters as constructions or as living creatures, as a portrayal of a story or as a precursor to it?

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Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Yellow Rope

And obligingly, she does. Well, the machine in the tower does. It’s not low enough to catch hold of and climb up but it kept a lot of loud-voiced fathers (and a certain husband) occupied.  (Soon I will embed here a video of this event. For now, the technological wizardry of movie transfer has defeated me. I await the intervention of my actor and movie-maker child.)

This place is a fairytale come almost true. In fact, it’s a plethora of them. Continue reading

Classified Ad

Positions Vacant

Bridge trolls required. Multiple positions available in quiet village. Suit extended family of small-stature seeking creek change. Must be ugly with loud voice. Will be employed by individual homeowners to repel yet fascinate passers-by. Apply Thornton-le-Dale Tourism Council, Yorkshire.

Duck Tales

The dark paths these ducks cut, closed behind them like the magic of fairytales where the way into the enchanted place seals behind the adventurer.