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Dabbling in the Dead Sea

As a teenager in the 1980s, inspired by an older cousin’s example, I dreamed of spending time as a ‘work-for-hire’ in a kibbutz. (It didn’t seem too far, workwise, from growing up on a farm but it offered novelty in other aspects.) I had forgotten that, until the BB and I arrived at our accommodation near the Dead Sea.

Fortunately, this was not our accommodation.

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Hunting and Gathering

Picking wild raspberries in the Black Forest, southern Germany.

Tiny taste bombs

I feel fulfillingly independent of mankind –  like an Earth-child – as I forage. Unfortunately, it’s the shelves at the local Edeka that ultimately provide an adequate feed.

Out of the Mouths of Aliens

These bobble-headed fellows at Manchester airport cheerfully await some quality face-to-face time with passing earthlings.