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I’ve Seen ‘Em, Now I’m in One

Diners. To my Australian eyes, they are quintessentially American. I cringe in anticipation when the protagonist in a sitcom or movie takes a seat in a diner. Along comes the sassy yet compassionate waitress and takes the order for a plate of fat and/or refined carbohydrate with some liquid sugar in a glass.

And now I get the chance to do the same. Continue reading

Well, That’s Putting It Bluntly

This little fellow certainly seems to be feeling some effects.

Fountains of Innovation

Now this I like: a Zurich street-side drinking fountain with a built-in bowl at the bottom for dogs. Or crawling babies. Or people struggling home after a serious night out. You can have a quiet sit down or use the bench as a step if you’re small. You don’t even have to turn it on. This is a drinking fountain with everything. Continue reading

At a Cow, Darkly

The HundKatzMaus (DogCatMouse) exhibition in the Kunsthaus, Zurich, from 1st April to 31st July 2011 displayed art works not only of those animals. There were other mammals, as well as birds and fish.

By Giacometti. In the Kunsthaus but not the exhibition

The pink shell lady was there with that most verbal of creatures, the ‘fluffy white’, known to dog beach goers as the ‘pipecleaner’ or ‘little yapper’. It was mercifully quiet – as one would expect from something made of shells. Continue reading

Hiking Dogs and Englishmen

It’s said the English are inseparable from their dogs. Here’s how they do it.

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Heaven Not For Dogs?

Seen in Bristol

Dog Poo-Bag Box

I’m not sure what one does with the filled bags (my guess is carry them home) but this is the current leader in my ‘best poo-bag dispenser’ competition. Love the lichen. Continue reading