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Latch On

Don’t bother looking for a carpark in Latsch, Switzerland. There aren’t any. If you’ve come up from Bergün, drive out the far side to the designated area. You’ll be in good (and unusual) company.

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Muscovite Mouths

One final thing about Russia.

Well, two.

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The Kremlin, Dominion of Domes

I am besotted with the domed roofs of the Moscow Kremlin. Fair warning. I have tried to keep them to a manageable number in this post but I can’t help but think you’ll love them too and either forgive their frequent appearances or be hankering for more.

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Wolf on the Door

I tugged on this door-handle assuming the massive door to be the threshold to chambers of strange wonders. What bold minds would have worked therein?

I found inside a traditional church service in full swing.

I had difficulty reconciling this lithe and ferocious beast, issuing a clear warning to potential visitors, with the message of comfort and succour that traditional churches wish to offer. Why would this be the greeting proffered?

It turns out there’s reason. The door was created in 1958 from a design by Jürgen Weber. The creature is a wolf and makes reference to the biblical text John 10:12 – the good shepherd and his sheep. This door-handle wolf is trying to prevent the congregation from entering the church. Apparently there was supposed to be a mass of sheep as well but people shied away from their depiction. The art work presents Christ, the good shepherd, as the door.

Thanks to the BB’s sister for her sleuthing.

The church is Stiftskirche in central Stuttgart.

Around the Purple Heather

When I travelled in Tasmania as a teenager I experienced an interesting illusion that derived from my having grown up in Western Australia’s vast distances. I relived it in and around the North York Moors National Park, surprisingly, England’s most wooded national park.

Looking at the map, I would estimate the time it would take to get from one town to the next. I no sooner looked up from the map, than we were upon that next town – fifteen minutes early. Prior to leaving Australia, I discovered it’s only about  forty-five minutes north-south along the moors. My brain was curiously resistant to this information. It’s as if there was a little section off to the side in there having its own conversation, rather like a coffee room of insubordinate gossips: “There’s a whole green patch there on the map with lots of towns in it and some big open spaces. It must take longer than forty-five minutes. We’ll take no notice of what the local bloke says. We’ve never been there but we know better.” Continue reading

All Creatures, Great and Small

Everybody’s welcome at St. Mary’s church, Lastingham, Yorkshire.

The Vicar of Turville

Years ago, I found a newspaper article about Turville. (The village is a very old hand at being mentioned in print, having made it into the Anglo-Saxon chronicles in 796.) That piece of paper became something like a science-fiction movie prop, glowing in my drawer, pulling my eyes and mind and resources to it. Continue reading