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Make A Joyful Noise

My mother has always considered her singing voice not one to be inflicted upon others. It’s not as if she hasn’t had encouragement. When attending chapel services during her boarding school days, she hummed along to the hymns. One day, the mother of the headmistress, observing this, swooped over and asked her what was going on. Mother explained.

“It doesn’t matter whether you sing in tune or not,” the woman proclaimed. “Just make a joyful noise unto the Lord.”

Mother has been mouthing the words ever since – although, during my childhood, she did sing along to family renditions of Ten Green Bottles. Continue reading


Bristol – Large as Life

Bristol has been a hive of human activity since man first crawled out of the primeval slime (about 60 000 years ago, in Bristol’s case); although being a hub of the slave trade in the 1700s, would indicate that some people hadn’t crawled very far morally. Continue reading