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San Franchrimbo

Christmas comes to San Francisco in many guises.



Christmas colours come to public transport with the longest nails I have ever seen. The driver related how people told her she wouldn’t be able to tenpin bowl with them. However, recalling her father’s words, “You can do whatever you set your mind to,” she went right ahead and now wins trophies using specially drilled bowls.

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Glitter and Grit

Christmas flounces through the streets and shops of San Francisco.

Trees abound, indoors and out.

Union Square Christmas tree

Companies supporting Project Open Hand let their inner Hansel and Gretel wicked witch run wild with gingerbread houses in The Palace Hotel. Continue reading

Christmas Porridge

The vice-chancellor places his stocking expectantly under the tree.

But what can Santa bring for one so richly endowed with admirable qualities and with no need for earthly goods?