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Alcatraz: Our Mirror

Alcatraz was a factory – three storeys of cells for reprogramming criminals.

Alcatraz cells

But it wasn’t always so. Continue reading



Last night as I sat in bed, I held 2013 in my hands. It was a sphere, thrumming with promise. It felt familiar, akin to my days contemplated most mornings between dreaming and waking. We have so many beginnings.


I used not to bother making anything of the yearly changeover but I increasingly see it as an opportunity (albeit a randomly human-assigned one) for reflection, a hinge between times that invites a pause. Continue reading

Hot Chocolate Hunting

The call of the hazelnut hot chocolate (real nuts) had pulled me, salivating, from my hotel towards Clifton village one morning. Striding through the streets, drawing ever closer to my quarry, I tried to reconstruct the taste in my mind and in my mouth. Continue reading

Of Metaphorical Floors and Furniture

I have a whole free day and a small apartment. Magical ingredients.

So what will my day be? How will I feel about it from under the duna tonight?

This day, this life, is exactly like the time I sanded and polished the wooden floors of my little wooden house in the forest. Continue reading