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Tarmacs and Dreams

Landscape of clouds…thrown sheep’s fleece…churned blanc mange…filling from a polyester duna…etc etc…through the mist…patchwork jumble of paddocks hemmed with trees…

And there we were. Continue reading

If Only I Felt Like Being Covered In Chocolate

Oh, that’s right – I did. And I was.

I had had a guided tour of the Caldes de Boi centre and was pondering the extensive menu of health- and beauty-enhancing treatments available. The moment of choice was upon me. Continue reading

Let the Adventure Begin

One of my current favourite things to say is, ‘Let the adventure begin!’ I’m careful not to overuse it because I’m afraid that might habituate me so that I require bigger and bigger experiences to feel I’m having an adventure. On the other hand, adventures are everywhere so why not acknowledge them? Continue reading

Not ‘Fighting’ Bulls

I leant over the buffet, choosing my meal in the Camargue, and decided to try the dish below.

The young manager approached and explained each of the foods I had on my plate. She came to the one in question. “Bull pate” she announced.

Suddenly I was hurled into a relationship with my food. This was much more intimate than ‘beef pate’. This had a gender, for goodness sake. Continue reading

Walking at Lake Garda

I live in a cul de sac – physically, not metaphorically. What would the latter mean anyway? Does it imply peace and a sense of rounded harmony within a safe, and not necessarily uninteresting, place or does it mean you’ve reached the end of a road and are stuck there with the only option for exploration the way you’ve already experienced? It’s just a thought exercise because today I’m talking about physical exercise. Continue reading