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What Are We Leaving?

“Why are we leaving?”

The BB’s question was, this time, spurred by a conversation about the logistics of getting our goods moved from Australia to England.

As any mover will know, the timing of such a project is fraught. If your household effects go too early, you have to sleep on the floor of your empty house like a cave person; or acquire, then dispose of, sleeping apparatus; or commute to work from distant friends or family; or find a hotel. Going before your goods, is bravery or foolishness as you entrust the removal and everything else to others.

beer, Old Speckled Hen, English ale

When confronted with the what-are-we-doing question, I have a variety of responses. Continue reading


Dentist Drills and Stinky Feet

The BB and I settle into our plane seats. We open our book and newspaper. While someone takes care of transporting us to a new country, we have the luxury of reading. Life is good.

The Swiss alps peak over the clouds in the distance.

Then Life (that same “Life is good” Life) deals its first wild card. Continue reading

When You Want It To

Leading up to this trip I thought about my ‘new life’. The duration of the trip and the change of location would usher in a host of other changes.

As events unfolded, I thought, ‘Now my new life begins’. But driving to the airport, divesting myself of house and work; watching my baggage, symbolic of my preparation, roll off down the conveyor belt to the aeroplane; becoming airborne; landing – each step was not quite ‘it’ because I knew something else would soon happen that would be more ‘it’ and I wanted to savour the moment, save myself for that instant. Continue reading

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, By the Way

The ability to differentiate fantasy and reality depends to some extent upon our experience of the world. So, how do those masses of very young children assimilate the experience of being in the fairytale landscape at Ludwigsburg? Does the lack of a well-developed frame of reference about reality and fantasy lead them to later recall visiting these characters as constructions or as living creatures, as a portrayal of a story or as a precursor to it?

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Half A Suitcase BTW

I recently wrote about the choices that arise from having an abundance of things and the feeling of well-being that may accompany the paring back of those things.

As I wrote, I considered expectations about choice. Are we, as a ramification of (Western-style) consumption, habituated not only to having things but to having choices, even if they sometimes overwhelm us? Continue reading

Half A Suitcase

My mother, due to join us when we return to Switzerland, said in a recent email that she and my father are planning to travel light. She warned that we might get sick of their rotating clothes.

Doesn’t worry me. I just hope she can take what she dishes out. Continue reading

Contemplative P.

The Reverend Porridge contemplates the joys and responibilities of structural integrity outside the Roman Baths in Bath.