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A Tale of Irrationality and Mandel-thingies

I’m on a Swiss train waiting impatiently to feel hungry so I can eat the mandelhoernli I have laid up in my handbag. To some extent, I don’t even like them. Continue reading

If the Shoe Fits…Eat It

Some tasty treats from the streets of Amsterdam.

From a chocolate shop in Haarlemmerstraat, a few minutes from Centraal Station, Amsterdam.

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Leaves of Chocolate

I laughed with incredulity when I spied this packet in a German store. What the deuce?

"Delicious bread spread of finest chocolate."

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Not Drinking But Reading

I’m not, by any measure, a beer person so why spend ten minutes in the beer section in the Stratford Garden Centre near Warwick? Because of the names. Check them out. Continue reading

If Only I Felt Like Being Covered In Chocolate

Oh, that’s right – I did. And I was.

I had had a guided tour of the Caldes de Boi centre and was pondering the extensive menu of health- and beauty-enhancing treatments available. The moment of choice was upon me. Continue reading

On News Stands and Catwalks Now

Even chocolates have seasons in Zurich.

If Only I Felt Like Eating Chocolate

I cannot believe it! I am here in the land of chocolate and more chocolate (gives milk and honey a run for its money) and don’t even feel like eating the stuff. What a waste.

I could have used a chocolate lift yesterday when the computer shut down completely every ten minutes or so. It took an age to restart. Today I could have had a pedicure or learnt to pickle grapefruit in the time it took for a new page to load or even shut down, yet I remained strangely unmoved by the thought of the Good Brown as a way of making it all more pleasant. Continue reading