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A Gaggle of Locals

The River Ouse…

I appreciate a misnomer as much as the next person and this is a splendid one. This river doesn’t ooze but I am always transported to medieval times when I hear its name, as if it was then a sludgy, slow-moving, reed-filled cesspool limping sore across the pristine Yorkshire countryside.

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Lock, Stock and Boat

A delightful stretch along the Stratford-Upon-Avon canal near Lapworth, akin to the 100m hurdle for athletes.  Continue reading

Bristol – Large as Life

Bristol has been a hive of human activity since man first crawled out of the primeval slime (about 60 000 years ago, in Bristol’s case); although being a hub of the slave trade in the 1700s, would indicate that some people hadn’t crawled very far morally. Continue reading

Near Bath

Narrow, glossy boats                                                                                                                           Line the edges of canals                                                                                                                        Like coloured pencils on slate