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Porridge: The Secret of Renewal

Many seek the counsel of such a one as Büäzer Porridge. (The word ‘sage’ is often heard whispered by them in reverent tones.) In this, his duty is also his deep pleasure.

But what is the secret to such wisdom coupled with an almost child-like appreciation and joy of life and its complexities?

Bergun, Switzerland


Sought by all in his regular life, from notables (privacy diligently guarded; sorry, no name-dropping here) to Jane and Joe Citizen, once on retreat, Herr Porridge lives sparsely, surrounded by nature. Mentally sustained by his rich inner life, he returns to the world tingling in every (soluble) fibre of his being.


I Spy Confusing Signs

What are they getting at here? They don’t want any wading? Or wading is fine so long as one doesn’t wear bathers?

Clearly, boating is quite acceptable provided no people are involved.

Photos taken at Lake Palpuogna near Preda, Switzerland.

Latch On

Don’t bother looking for a carpark in Latsch, Switzerland. There aren’t any. If you’ve come up from Bergün, drive out the far side to the designated area. You’ll be in good (and unusual) company.

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Oats and Notes

Feeling a tad Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary-ish, The Right Honourable Porridge casts a commanding flake over the valley from the pinnacle of his hike from Bergun, Switzerland.

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Bike Hook

Since coming to Europe I’ve become a bit of a fan of bike racks. Europeans are so much more inventive than Australians in that regard. Well, necessity and mothers and invention and all that. We’ve got lots of space and not many bikes. Europeans have it the other way around. Continue reading

Heaven and Hard on a Hike

Bergun. Swiss Alps. Two days, two hikes.

Day One:                                                                                                                                         Walked to the chairlift – five minutes from town towards Albula Pass.             Rode chairlift – 18 minutes. It does a run on the hour in summer for as long as there are customers.                                                                                                               Headed right.                                                                                                                              Hiked over the back and around. This is an easy and pleasant hike taking about two hours. It meanders through pasture and back along a road to the bottom of the chairlift.

If you time it right, you can take the chairlift back up for a scenic evening drink at the restaurant before chairlifting back down. Continue reading