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Contemplative P.

The Reverend Porridge contemplates the joys and responibilities of structural integrity outside the Roman Baths in Bath.

Baths and Bath

The name Bath had been bandied around, even prior to my leaving Australia, as a place to visit. Superlatives such as ‘must see’, ‘beautiful’, ‘really beautiful’ were applied liberally. Since moving beyond primary school, the word ‘bath’ has ceased to fill me with dread and fantasies of remaining dirty for the rest of my life and has been replaced by connotations of calm and relaxation, of books and champagne and little edibles on plates. Continue reading

Near Bath

Narrow, glossy boats                                                                                                                           Line the edges of canals                                                                                                                        Like coloured pencils on slate

Bussing Through Bath (Tales of a Travelling Porridge)

Text Exchange BB:                                                                                                                                                   How’s Bath? And how’s the Reverend P.?

The World is My Cuttlefish:                                                                                                      Still awaiting train. On correct platform. The Very Reverend P is appropriately excited without being excessive – as befits his station. Continue reading