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Creative Twists

An art work zigzags  through time and space.

An art work zigzags through time and space.

A fantastical tree curls against the skyline.

This silver tree seems to have popped through from a fantastical landscape.

silver tree, art, sculpture

Photos taken in and outside the National Gallery of Art in Washington.

Washington Where

Washington, where Lincoln contemplates in a Greek-inspired temple. The throng inside does not impinge on the feeling of sacredness engendered by the dim light; the inscriptions of his speeches; his giant, raised presence and the viewer’s knowledge of his deeds. He gazes over the splendid WWII memorial – all water and stone and silent names and frolicking Americans – towards Washington Monument and the Capitol. With his white and shade and flowing marble, one can’t help but experience him as a deity. Continue reading

Grand Personnage

The resemblance is nothing if not uncanny.

Channelling Your Inner Bergun

As one wanders around Bergun, Switzerland, one asks oneself, ‘Could I do that?

‘Could I transform my house into a creation, a work of art, a pleasure and inspiration to me and those who see it? Could I show my aspirations, my heritage, my values – cryptically or with clarity – on my abode?’ Continue reading

Keeping It (Un)real in Moscow

Our Russian child sent us there but he needn’t have. Its cheerful pointy roofs enticed from the skyline across the rubble of the deserted lot on the way to our accommodation. Continue reading

The Kremlin, Dominion of Domes

I am besotted with the domed roofs of the Moscow Kremlin. Fair warning. I have tried to keep them to a manageable number in this post but I can’t help but think you’ll love them too and either forgive their frequent appearances or be hankering for more.

Continue reading

Hand-held History

When I visited the umbrella museum near Stresa in Italy (I recommend it – such variety) a few years ago, my curiosity was piqued. I vowed to seek other special-focus museums in my travels.

The porcelain museum in Zurich fitted this brief quite nicely so I decided to have a peek.

“The porcelain museum has all the trappings of excitement,” the BB said when I told him of my upcoming adventure. Little did he know. Porcelain is hand-held history. But the history and the excitement start before one reaches the display. Continue reading