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Rocky Animals

The BB and I ascended from Denver airport past tattered mountain goats whose scars belied their reputation for nimble-footedness, past drifts of snow still hanging on in cool pockets, to the Rockies.

Colorado, Rocky Mountains, mountain goats

Our accommodation was at the YMCA just out of Granby. I think I expected dirt floors in a log cabin – yes, a couple of hundred years out of date, I know. Continue reading

Swinging Cats

The BB (big bloke) and I laughed ourselves silly when we paced out the advertised size of our Zurich apartment in our own home.

For a start, how is an apartment one and a half rooms?

Are the kitchen and bedroom combined, with an intriguingly post-modern set-up where the shower partakes of that space and a very small lavatory lies off to the side, perhaps without a door? Continue reading