Other Writing

Just Like Me Published by Koala Books 2007.  To be released in Chinese translation (not sure which language / dialect) in 2012.

Megan Dances  A runner-up in KBR’s Unpublished Manuscript Award, November 2011                                                                                                             http://www.kids-bookreview.com

I have also written travel articles for the West Australian newspaper on Italy, the Munda Biddi bicycle track and Rottnest Island.


2 responses to “Other Writing

  1. Good stuff, Ms Cuttlefish! I’m trying to get a couple of kids’ books published myself, but with limited success. And by limited I mean absolutely none. Nothing to do but keep trying, though. Congrats!

    • It’s a tight market, especially in picture books which cost so much to produce. Unfortunately, that is where my heart lies. As far as your own writing is concerned, just keep trying. You probably know that J.K.Rowling was turned down by many publishers before finding Bloomsbury.

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