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Fountains of Innovation

Now this I like: a Zurich street-side drinking fountain with a built-in bowl at the bottom for dogs. Or crawling babies. Or people struggling home after a serious night out. You can have a quiet sit down or use the bench as a step if you’re small. You don’t even have to turn it on. This is a drinking fountain with everything. Continue reading

Baby Steps

Breathe easy, All. Now one need not confine oneself to sensible shoes (or booties) on any step of the journey from cradle to grave. There is a stiletto for all ages and occasions.

Teeter aside Cruella; begone Miranda Priestley; fashion babes, 0-6 months, coming through.

Talk To My Shoes  will love these.


What do you think this is?

It’s about 10cm long. I found it in my sister-in-law’s house in Germany.

The Tick That Roared

The fine and ancient art of tick removal, which my grandmother taught my mother and my mother taught me, involves the use of a suffocating agent, such as methylated spirits or oil (whiskey will also do if you can bear the wastage), or something to put the wind up the creature in question, such as the hot head of a recently-extinguished match. The aim is to make the blighter let go. There’s no point pulling it off because its head remains with the jaws clamped in position causing a maddening itch for days. Continue reading

Happy Fathers’ Day

He’s not exactly an invention, as the Whadda Bewdy category was designed for, but he is a legend.


Mr Wet Whippy

Spreading good cheer and icecream on the Thames River near Hambleden, England.


Operating at Toulouse airport. Great for removal of bin bags as they can be slid out the side, rather than lifted out the top. Not as easy on the eye as an opaque bin though.