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I Saw It First in Norrkoping

Three cheers for responsible pet ownership. There’ll be no native bird, mammal or reptile deaths while this Swedish owner/companion is in charge.

cat on leash with owner

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Now, This I Like

It’s got everything – quirkiness, recycling, reference to a disappearing culture.

And it’s more fun than a camper van.

Ah, life on the open road…

Bike Hook

Since coming to Europe I’ve become a bit of a fan of bike racks. Europeans are so much more inventive than Australians in that regard. Well, necessity and mothers and invention and all that. We’ve got lots of space and not many bikes. Europeans have it the other way around. Continue reading

Oh, And These…

Yesterday was sunny again. All the usual vehicular suspects were out and so were these.

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Street Tree Special

When your certified-wood-bearing trees are flagging a bit under the strain of winter or pollution or drought, be glad that there is a solution at hand: electric trees. Not their most vivacious by day… Continue reading

Alpine Miniatures

I come from a country that carries rocks in machines like this.

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Rescuing Rice’s Reputation

Rice has a rep for being a bit tricky to cook – hence the abundance of rice cookers on the market. (Or is that just business playing to rampant consumerism?) I have learnt the rule for basmati: one volume of rice to two of water. However, each rice variety seems to have its own idiosyncrasies. (Read ‘reasons for turning into an inedible glug or concrete slab’.)

I love this simple idea where the volume of water doesn’t matter. Continue reading