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Porridge in the Pale Mountains

Signor Porridge is giddy with excitement.

flower with whirling background

So much so that he barely knows what’s up and what’s down.

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Falling for Porridge

The Canadians sure know how to treat a packet of oatmeal.

Mr Porridge, Cadillac

Toronto to Niagara Falls by Cadillac limousine

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Stealthy Porridge

Using techniques honed in the field with his great friend, Sir  David Attenborough, Viscount Porridge approaches a herd of elk in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Colorado, Rocky Mountains, elk

The elk remained calm in his presence, perhaps lulled by his breathless whispering and glances to the camera.

Colorado, Rocky Mountains, elk

Porridge, Honoured Guest

Mr Chief Justice Porridge pauses before his entrance to the Whitehouse.

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Porridge Rides

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Sir Porridge’s Epic Journey…Day Five

After his fall yesterday evening in Norseman, Sir Porridge, AK, was lured this morning by other, more stable, conveyances.

tin camel, Norseman, Australia

See him up there on the hump?

Being of a scientific bent, he also wanted to check the claim that the roads were indeed large enough to accommodate the turning of a camel train.  A couple of men sitting in cars in the middle of the road were the only witnesses that it is indeed so. (The camels seemed pleased about the change of scenery.) Continue reading

Sir Porridge’s Epic Journey…Day Four

Still full of vim after his days of hard travel, Sir Porridge, AK, was up early for a bracing sit and portrait on the Ceduna jetty.

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