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If the Shoe Fits…Eat It

Some tasty treats from the streets of Amsterdam.

From a chocolate shop in Haarlemmerstraat, a few minutes from Centraal Station, Amsterdam.

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Rembrandt’s Ghost Is Your Own

I don’t know about you but when I stand in someone’s entrance hall I expect them to turn up….even if, as is the case with Rembrandt, they have been dead for almost 350 years. I wouldn’t have been surprised – okay, I wouldn’t have been overly surprised – to see the great man himself appear. Continue reading

Doing It Hard

I reckon the Netherlands did pretty well to last as long as they did in Euro 2012 given the state of their practice field…

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Showing the Colours: Addendum

This follows on from “Showing the Colours”.

Hahaha. I saw a segment of the soccer. It turns out that they wear white shirts not the national colours. Who would have thought? Isn’t that the point of national colours – for the team to wear them so you (the supporter) and they are the same? So the tribe is marked.

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Showing the Colours

Soccer is upon us. I am not a fan so the whole Euro 2012 kerfuffle could easily have passed me by except for two things.

1. The mysterious desertion of the streets some evenings accompanied by occasional shouts of jubilation emanating from pubs and homes.

2. Orange.

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Oh, And These…

Yesterday was sunny again. All the usual vehicular suspects were out and so were these.

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Summer Streets

Summer has hit the streets of Amsterdam.

I really need to qualify that and say that it pokes its head out occasionally. Often it gets frightened off by the cold wind and rain. Some days it sits out the morning then appears around 1 or 2pm for a few hours.

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