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Feel the Ferrata Fear

Overcoming fear. There’s a lot written about that. My bookshelf sports “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”. The trouble with feeling the fear on a via ferrata or rock climb or bungee jump is that it can simply immobilise you if you allow yourself to really experience it.

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Life Is A Roof

There’s something about being on a rooftop. Padding around on the tin or the tiles, you are on your own patch but united with an expanded landscape.

Elevation provides, at worst, a sense of dominion, at best, awe and gratitude; an understanding of yourself as a contributor to the whole; an awareness that your actions matter but that many of the concerns of your life will pass. At ground level, structures hem you in and press your cares close. Given a little elevation, perspective (and possibly, release), kicks in.

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The Secret of Forests

Have you ever gazed at a European forest and wondered what it is that makes them seem so gentle and expansive? I have. The other day I found the secret. Here it is.

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Hand-held History

When I visited the umbrella museum near Stresa in Italy (I recommend it – such variety) a few years ago, my curiosity was piqued. I vowed to seek other special-focus museums in my travels.

The porcelain museum in Zurich fitted this brief quite nicely so I decided to have a peek.

“The porcelain museum has all the trappings of excitement,” the BB said when I told him of my upcoming adventure. Little did he know. Porcelain is hand-held history. But the history and the excitement start before one reaches the display. Continue reading

Help. Punchline Needed.

Why did the kitten cross the road?

In the Swiss alps on a single lane bitumen road.

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The Case For Chess As An Olympic Sport

I’ve always been a little doubtful about the proposition that chess should be included in the Olympics. All the current and previously included activities are physically active or at least involve standing up. Chess simply does not fit that category. It’s not actually exercise is it?

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Hanging Out in a Rabbit Warren at 3500 Metres

The Jungfraujoch brochure is entitled Between Heaven and Earth. That sums it up pretty well. It’s vast and glorious and high. I felt I was soaring amongst the mountains and glaciers.

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