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Out and About

Creative Twists

An art work zigzags  through time and space.

An art work zigzags through time and space.

A fantastical tree curls against the skyline.

This silver tree seems to have popped through from a fantastical landscape.

silver tree, art, sculpture

Photos taken in and outside the National Gallery of Art in Washington.

The Elephant In the Room

Everyone’s talking about, and photographing, the elephant in the room.

elephant, National Museum of  Natural History, Smithsonian

There’s nothing like a stroll through the savannah, I always say. Those endless vistas, that wide open space, not a building for miles… Continue reading

Footpath Funk

Pavement percussion on plastic buckets and a shopping trolley. It doesn’t get more “reuse, reduce, recycle” than that.

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.


I Spy Confusing Signs

What are they getting at here? They don’t want any wading? Or wading is fine so long as one doesn’t wear bathers?

Clearly, boating is quite acceptable provided no people are involved.

Photos taken at Lake Palpuogna near Preda, Switzerland.

Mountain Danger – Not Where You Expect It.

It’s skis. It’s snowboard. It’s wind-in-the-hair-and-mountain-views. All in complete safety.

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A Tale of Irrationality and Mandel-thingies

I’m on a Swiss train waiting impatiently to feel hungry so I can eat the mandelhoernli I have laid up in my handbag. To some extent, I don’t even like them. Continue reading

If the Shoe Fits…Eat It

Some tasty treats from the streets of Amsterdam.

From a chocolate shop in Haarlemmerstraat, a few minutes from Centraal Station, Amsterdam.

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