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These posts derive their content from the ideas in another post of the same name.

Flying to be Me

Forget the mountains! (Just for a while. I’ll get back to them.) Look what I did.

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Rapunzel, Rapunzel, By the Way

The ability to differentiate fantasy and reality depends to some extent upon our experience of the world. So, how do those masses of very young children assimilate the experience of being in the fairytale landscape at Ludwigsburg? Does the lack of a well-developed frame of reference about reality and fantasy lead them to later recall visiting these characters as constructions or as living creatures, as a portrayal of a story or as a precursor to it?

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Half A Suitcase BTW

I recently wrote about the choices that arise from having an abundance of things and the feeling of well-being that may accompany the paring back of those things.

As I wrote, I considered expectations about choice. Are we, as a ramification of (Western-style) consumption, habituated not only to having things but to having choices, even if they sometimes overwhelm us? Continue reading