I Saw It First in Norrkoping

Three cheers for responsible pet ownership. There’ll be no native bird, mammal or reptile deaths while this Swedish owner/companion is in charge.

cat on leash with owner

20 – 120 million native animals are killed by domestic/wild cats in Australia per day. (A gander at some photos of mammals whose numbers are plummeting because of cats will be enough to ensure you never let Fluffy outside unchaperoned again, Australians.) Even in Sweden, where native animals have had hundreds of years longer to adapt to the domestic cat, these predators are a problem.

The standard justification of “I feed my cat so much, s/he won’t hunt” holds no weight. Research (above and here) shows that cats are programmed killers and will hunt even if fed sufficiently at home.

So grab the kitty collar and join the growing number of people who choose pets AND native wildlife.

cat on leash


2 responses to “I Saw It First in Norrkoping

  1. Kitty owners beware, Anne is on the prowl! The solution of having it on a leash seems to be a very viable and cute one!

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