Anchovy Ahoy! Part Two

Weeks after the departure of the ss Great Britain from the UK, the fair maid Clare, wandering by a (muddy) Western Australian shore, sighted this raft.

miniature wooden raft

Clearly it was the handiwork of a shipwrecked tin of anchovies (those knots bear all the hallmarks of a deft tab).

But the anchovies had gone!

miniature wooden raft

She fell to her haunches in sorrow and disbelief. They must have fallen overboard in high seas and been unable to clamber back on or (somewhat ironically) swim to shore.

miniature wooden raft, girl on dam bank

Through her tears (their saltiness a cruel reminder of her loss) she spied something – a little green something.

miniature wooden raft, girl on dam bank

The anchovies had made it ashore! They’d sought shelter in a marron hole and, hoping against hope, awaited her arrival.

tin of anchovies

Reunited and rejoicing in the Australian landscape.

And so we leave the little tin and its anchovic contents  for another day, another  adventure. Who knows where the whims of women will take it. Stay tuned.


14 responses to “Anchovy Ahoy! Part Two

  1. Funny how the mysterious box of anchovies turned up in a small package among an assortment of items on my bed…

  2. Sniff.. pass the hankies. That was a better experience than watching the Titanic 🙂 Make sure their boat doesn’t float toast the South of France because they won’t survive meeting me: I’d scoff the lot of them. Beautiful photos, and please tell Clare that she has beautiful locks.

  3. LOL … but I don’t like their taste.

  4. Delightful.
    Who will play the anchovies in the much-looked-for film version ?

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