I Spy Toronto

Toronto is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world with over 140 languages and dialects spoken. Here a street sign sports three – English, Chinese, graffiti/tag.

Toronto street sign
Toronto is hard to sum up. It’s not just any old city. In fact, it’s ‘not just’ anything, certainly not just noodles or condoms.

Toronto, street, sign

Toronto, street, sign
Cabbages, however, do feature quite prominently. This cruciferous vegetable was planted by poor Irish immigrants in their front yards in the late 1840s and gave rise to the area now known as Cabbagetown, “the largest continuous area of preserved Victorian housing in all of North America”. The little beauties in the photo below were not the only such plantings charming passersby east and south of that area.

colourful cabbages
I have encountered exercise devices in Zurich forests. I love the sheer enthusiasm, the optimism, that they embody. Did the council imagine residents queuing up to loosen their shoulders, swing their hips and build their biceps on crisp autumn mornings before work? Is this thus a neighbourhood of trim, taut and terrifics or have the devices taken on a more sculptural role, used only by passing tourists?

street exercise machines Toronto

Legs and arms get a workout on the machine in front; shoulders on the discs in the background.


Toronto, street, exercise machine

The seat also turns on itself horizontally allowing a refreshing spinal twist.

While one neighbourhood is being exhorted to become both firm and loose, another is cajoled into care of the environment for spiritual and social reasons. Should your work pay off, you may get your karmic reward on the cold, hard love seat (so-named) beyond the ‘trashy’ bin.  Toronto, recycling bin recycling bin
I built towers like this out of wooden blocks when I was a child. In my mini-world, plastic animals walked across them. Seeing one in the wild, in the big, (though without animals, plastic or otherwise) was quite a thrill.

Toronto, architecture
In Australia, they’d be booting a football around the street as they waited for the Santa Claus parade; here even littlies play hockey with weirdly elongated sticks (okay, so I don’t watch much international sport).

Toronto street hockey

Recently landed.Toronto, architecture

5 responses to “I Spy Toronto

  1. Toronto has many ethnic neighborhoods, which were fun to sample .. thus truly an international city. Love the pics!

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