Pinning Down Leuven

Nothing says happy anniversary like a beetle stabbed by a needle, I always think.

In 2000, Katholieke Universiteit in Leuven, considered Belgium’s oldest university, celebrated their 575th year. They asked Pinning dartist Jan Fabre to create a statue to commemorate such longevity and dedication to the education of the nation’s finest minds. The story I heard is that they didn’t realise (or perhaps they did, and considered it all part of the fun ) that Fabre was going through a bug phase in his art. And so we have this in the square in front of the library:

Close by, Nemo’s Wash is open 24/7, so long as it’s from 7am – 11pm.

2 responses to “Pinning Down Leuven

  1. This made me laugh so hard- my husband is a biologist, and this kind of thing would have him trying to zoom in on it so that he can identify the species 🙂

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