Trucking Tidbits

I was tickled by the personal nature and encouraging tone of this sign and others in the series down the hill towards Denver. It was just missing a “Well done. You’ve made it” at the bottom. Who says the Colorado Department of Transportation is an uncaring bureaucracy?


And on the subject of trucks…get a load of this. It looks like a postman’s motorbike with bulging panniers or a bee with pollen-laden sacks.


6 responses to “Trucking Tidbits

  1. Aw, what a treacherous road! We have nothing quite that dangerous here, it’s all flat desert and reasonably sensible. Love the picture of the Chevy. Very cool. I am all for chunky cars, particularly Dodges. They look like giant portable freezers on wheels 😉

  2. I saw that freeway sign, too! It felt like the nicest thing a freeway sign had ever said, but I wondered how many people died before they put it up.

  3. By the time the trucker has finished reading all that, he’s driven off the road 🙂 The Chevvie looks like one of those automated vacuum cleaners that you leave to wander around the floor whilst you’re at work.

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