Porridge Rides

Larry Miller from Seattle, you have made a certain packet of porridge very happy.

Larry, took a moment out of his hours-long wait for the Rolling Thunder ride on Memorial Weekend in Washington to hoist Senator Porridge into the saddle. Larry, a Vietnam veteran, rode in from Virginia that morning in a cavalcade of 3000 bikers plus police escort. Each year, bikers from around the nation rumble through the capital to draw attention to the abandoned servicemen and women of the Vietnam and subsequent wars. Our favourite politician was humbled to be included in such an event.

Although he has something of a wild streak and has had many thrills in his time, the senator couldn’t help but let out a rustle of excitement at being on board The Hog with a serious biking person.

Porridge on bike

For all of you wanting to try this at the local bikers’ club, please note that Senator Porridge would not go off on his own unless, as his parents taught him, he was strong enough to lift the bike should it fall over (obviously this is the case – check those biceps) nor would he ride without a helmet. Wild, yes, but safety first.

Thanks, Larry.

6 responses to “Porridge Rides

  1. That’s the thinking of a creative mind

  2. Did you bribe Larry with taking the seat yourself for a while? Did you get a really cool ride through DC? And why didn`t anything like that happen to me while I was in DC? Thanks for continuing to share Mr. Porridge`s adventures (though I wonder if he is truly still the same? do I detect some changes in him?)

    • Ah, Larry. What a nice bloke. He was very obliging and needed no bribing. Unfortunately, only Porridge had a ride.
      He is, shall we say,’feeling his oats’ at the moment. I think seeing his old friend Klaus from Switzerland did him the world of good. He was certainly much renewed by Klaus’s visit.

  3. A fabulous pic of Sir Porridge proving the imprtance of bran in everyday transit 🙂 Hope you’re well, Miss Cuttlefish.

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