In A Dark, Dark Wood There Was a Dark, Dark House…

You know the children’s story.

Similarly, the hot, hot land, house and room. We zoom in to the hot, hot desk at which sits a woman with a sheen of fine sweat. Metres away is a cold room where sits her husband. It would be an easy matter to join him, even easier to open the door and allow the cool to waft out. Why doesn’t she?

a)   She quite likes the sensation of sweat. She likes seeing her body cope with this extreme.

b)   She likes not having to work to keep herself warm. These searing temperatures are bliss in that regard. The warmth is a cocoon.

c)   Nakedness is fun.

d)   Soon she is moving to England. She’s trying to imprint the memory of environmental warmth in her cells to draw on in times of chill-driven desperation.

With late December – February temperatures reaching the high thirties and low forties (100 – 105.98 F), lawns crunch underfoot, plants dry and dogs sleep on kitchen tiles rather than in their beds. It is (was) a hell of a summer in Australia.

The man   looks forward to cooler climes where he can relax. The woman hopes she can keep warm there but, as Philip Bump noted in Grist on November 16, 2012, “If you’re 27 or younger, you’ve never experienced a colder-than-average month.”  

4 responses to “In A Dark, Dark Wood There Was a Dark, Dark House…

  1. I remember coming back from India, we’d spent 3 months travelling around and I remember just not getting warm for weeks, my body was remembering the warmth…….

  2. Here in France we’ve stoked up the fire and put on an extra pair of socks…. Soak up the memories of the heat, and be prepared for a complete change of temperatures in England!

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