Day Four Coming Soon

Dear Reader,

Do not fear for Sir Porridge’s safety or comfort. He is healthy and content. He endures this enforced lull in his adventures with his usual equanimity. It is, perhaps, a useful time to gather reserves as day four promises to be a biggie with yet another large animal, unexpected conveyances and a town with an unusual collection.

Behind the scenes, I am facing the torrent of moving house activities. We will both be back when I come up for breath again.

In the meantime, I would be delighted to have you browse past posts. My apologies for not keeping up with other people’s writings and photography. I look forward to catching up after this current mayhem.

Thank you very much for visiting. I appreciate your readership.


9 responses to “Day Four Coming Soon

  1. Good luck with your housemove, and make sure that no scared books have hidden under the floor boards….. Impatient to see you and Sir Porridge back on line!

  2. Moving? Yikes … one of the more stressful activities in life.

  3. we’ll try and be patient.. 😉

  4. Oh you really are going to be busy.. tell porridge i shall see him again soon!! c

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