Sir Porridge’s Epic Journey…Day Two

The signs were unambiguous.

Australia, border quarantine, fruit fly, sign

The fines escalated as the distance to the New South Wales – Victoria border decreased.Australia, border quarantine, fruit fly, sign

We breathed a collective sigh of relief upon seeing that Sir Porridge, AK, was safely off the hit list.

Australia, border quarantine

It is not always so:

He hunkered down on a bin doing his bit for this great nation.

Australia, border quarantine

But there was more to his steadfast chomping than uncomplicated love of country. How easy it would have been to toss those grapes in the bin but Sir P is a cereal of honour and compassion. He munched in order to give that fruit the career satisfaction of being consumed by an appreciative gourmand. (This is a matter close to the knight’s heart as he has selflessly forgone this pleasure himself in order to be ambassador, troubadour, traveller, explorer, pioneer, public figure…)

Further on, birds alternately rose then dropped like a filmy evening frock being shaken. They skimmed along the crop then finally fell into it, leaving the air above the bands of green and gold, empty.

Australia, birds, corn crop

There may be a rational explanation for this but Sir Porridge is the type who enjoys the creative confusion such an oddity creates.

Australia, tree, decoration

Perched up front, he gave a decided rustle as he crossed into South Australia – his third state in a day.

Australia, border

Join him next time  as he continues his westward surge.

4 responses to “Sir Porridge’s Epic Journey…Day Two

  1. Crochet tree trunk warmers hmmmmmm it’s giving me ideas 🙂

  2. You are quite hilarious Anne. I mean that in the best of ways… haha, I’ve driven across the SA/NSW border a couple of times and pretty much entered a diabetic coma the first time after trying to consume a whole bag of oranges. I’m now older and wiser… sort of 😉 Love the fact that your porridge is actually exploring the world. That’s one lucky bag of oats. Following you now!

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