Sir Porridge’s Epic Journey…Day One

His journey began on the eastern seaboard.

Mid-morning at Coogee Beach, Sydney.

Not a swimmer himself, owing to certain properties he attains in water, he nevertheless enjoys observing the pleasure derived by others near and in this medium.

Sir Porridge, AK, goes back a long way. Many’s the time he has sung around a campfire beneath the stars. Bush songs such as those about Gundagai and the dog which sat (or perhaps a rhyming word) in or on the tucker box nearby, are favourites.

As the Murrumbidgee River and Cootamundra, those song lore/landmarks, rolled by, Sir P, AK, kept himself busy (and his companions entertained) by rendering all relevant songs in rich baritone, husky alto and soaring soprano.

Such is Sir P’s, AK, love of this wide brown land, he risked thorns in his nether regions for a good view of it.

Here, he has passed through the green bit close to Sydney and reached the brown.

Those thorns will rip a plastic derriere apart as soon as look at it.

Two Australian icons meet at last.

Wagga Wagga was once touted as a possible national capital. Halfway between squabbling cities (see introduction), it is ideally situated to bring peace to them. Alas, no. It does however sport a splendid flour mill.

Gazing upon it, one thought ran through Sir P’s, AK, oatmealy mind, “Those were the days when we were flattened in style. Look at that brickwork; that lettering.”

Stay tuned as Sir P, AK, continues his trek across ‘this wide brown land’ in the days to come.

4 responses to “Sir Porridge’s Epic Journey…Day One

  1. ahhhh, we’re off on a journey ! Excellent

  2. Like seeing a familiar face — I’ve got one of those in my cupboard! 🙂

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