Glitter and Grit

Christmas flounces through the streets and shops of San Francisco.

Trees abound, indoors and out.

Union Square Christmas tree

Companies supporting Project Open Hand let their inner Hansel and Gretel wicked witch run wild with gingerbread houses in The Palace Hotel.

gingerbread house, Project Open Hand

Reindeer munch at the Academy of Sciences, oblivious, one presumes, of the marathon night ahead for nine of their brethren.

reindeer, reindeer eating

This diamond key lies almost coquettishly on a Tiffany doorstep.

Tiffany key

But really, nothing says Christmas so much as a bauble in the shape of a balsamic vinegar bottle.

Christmas bauble, Christmas balsamic vinegar

Unless perhaps it’s a cappuccino machine.

Christmas bauble, cappuccino machine

Or a cheese.

Christmas bauble, Christmas cheese

But, in the final analysis, one realizes the festivities are not complete without the traditional Christmas carrot.

Christmas bauble, Christmas carrot

Chatty shoppers, lights, street music: it’s all brightness and cheer.

Sort of.Union Square Christmas tree, homeless man, Christmas

Perhaps the book he was reading was able to ward off the brunt of Christmas.

11 responses to “Glitter and Grit

  1. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. Thanks for sharing a slice of Christmas from your trip. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

  3. Sting in the Christmas tale.

  4. Great post. What struck me the most was your last photo – it says so much about our society. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. I won’t play it big and bold: may I have the cheese and the balsamic, please! At the same time: my ‘bestest’ wishes to you for the whole Yuletide period and may we all thorougly enjoy 2013!!!!

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